Waterproofing services in Warrnambool

You can rest easy knowing the team at Total Tiling & Bathroom Services is fully qualified and licensed to perform waterproofing services in Warrnambool. No matter whether we’re undertaking bathroom renovations or laundry tiling, we ensure your tiling is watertight.

Our professional tilers deliver waterproofing services compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standard AS 3740 РWaterproofing of domestic wet areas.

When do you need waterproofing services?

According to the National Construction Code (NCC) and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), building elements in wet areas must be waterproof or water resistant and must comply with AS 3740.

Wet areas within the home include bathrooms, laundries, toilets and showers – so floors, walls, tiling and other building elements in these rooms must be appropriately waterproofed.

Under AS 3740, waterproofers are required to provide a statement of compliance at the completion of a job, indicating their work complies with the standard.

At Total Tiling & Bathroom Services, we are licensed to complete waterproofing services, including:

Please contact our tilers to find out more about kitchen, laundry and bathroom waterproofing services in Warrnambool.